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We take the guesswork out of Private Cloud!

Get setup on your own box within 5 min. Launch any virtual server in 10s. Save 75%+ over AWS/Azure. 

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Private Cloud has never been simpler

The simplest way to create your cloud with the security & savings of on-prem hosting. 

We've built the full stack from the ground up, software and hardware combined. All you have to do is plug it in and start deploying.

From our cloud-like dashboard antMan, down to our silent antsle servers. Everything is built turnkey and developed with simplicity in mind.

We support both full virtual machines, as well as light-weight bare metal containers using ZFS as our rock-solid storage backend.


Deploy in Seconds

No bloated dashboards or complicated setup processes: Get set up in 5 minutes! Deploy both virtual machines or bare-metal containers in less than 10 seconds.

Built on a cutting-edge Linux hypervisor with one of the simplest cloud managers you will ever use: edgeLinux gives you instant snapshots & rollbacks, full templating, and more to optimize the DevOps workflow.


Compact, 100% Silent - Powerful!

The best way to run Antsle Private Cloud is on our signature antsle servers. All parts are hand-selected for performance: With up to 128GB ECC RAM, 18TB disk space, and SSDs - it really packs a punch. All antsles have fault-tolerance technology built in and you retain full control over your hardware and data.

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Lucas Vogel

Cloud Solutions Architect,
Endpoint Systems

"Antsle gives me local and 'free' computing when and where I need it. I can do development and testing very cheaply without having to use any hosted cloud infrastructure."