What if your virtual servers were so light, you could hold them on your fingertips? 

Introducing the #1 private cloud platform that fits in your pocket

Available for new users by invite only. 

Classic On-Prem Sucks

Have you ever gotten tired of paying out of the nose for your dedicated server in the cloud? What were your options for an on-prem cloud?

Chances are you bought a server, started installing complicated software, researched third party back up options, and hopefully backed out before pulling your hair out

Create Antlet on Laptop

Can't it Be Simple?

Choosing Antsle is choosing radical simplicityThe Nano is preconfigured so that you can spin up virtual servers and deploy them just like you would on the public cloud. 

  • Run Raspbian in one
  • CentOS
in a second
  • Name server in a third
  • Web server on another 

See antMan in Action

UI Recording

How Does antMan Make You a Super Hero? 

Lift Heavier Loads

Deploy both classic VMs and bare-metal containers side-by-side. Use a fraction of the hardware resources as a full virtual machine.

Work at Lightning Speed

Our file system guards against data loss. You can also take snapshots and create templates in seconds without using additional storage.

Easiest On-Prem Cloud

antMan is the easiest cloud manager out there. You can spin up your first virtual servers within seconds and feel like a cloud expert. 

Love for Antsle in the Wild

Paul Franco

App Developer

 Deploying my NodeJS RESTful API’s to my #PrivateCloud with @antsle_inc is just so freaking easy.

brian magrogan

Brian Magrogan

Sr.  Systems Engineer at Verrex

Antsle is extremely easy to setup and use. The templates that are already in place make deployment very easy and once you have customized them to you it is a breeze to duplicate them out for whatever you need. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate around. 

brian magrogan

Brian Magrogan

Sr.  Systems Engineer at Verrex

Made with love in San Diego, CA
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
G2 High Performer - Winter 2020
German Engineering

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