New Update: antman 0.5.1

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1. What's New?

  • Easier Upgrades

    We've introduced a feature to make it even easier to upgrade your antman. When the next version comes up, you'll see a notification in the antman navigation bar and you'll be able to upgrade from there. 

  • Restart antman service
  • You can now restart your antman service by clicking the link in the top right corner dropdown.

  • Small improvements

    Better user experience with alert notifications, antlet update form validations & bug fixes. 

2. Installation Instructions

1. Login to your antsle via ssh: ssh [email protected]

2. Download the upgrade script using this command: wget -N

3. Make the script executable: chmod a+x amanupd-0.5.1

4. Run the update script: ./amanupd-0.5.1

5. Point your browser to http://myantsle.local and hit the browser's reload button. Enjoy using the new antman!

6. Here's what it looks like:​

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