New Update: antman 0.5.0

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1. What's New?

  • Secure Login

    Your antman is now hidden behind a secure login form. The default credentials are user root and password antsle. You can change your password, which will also change the password for ssh access. 

  • Autostart
  • You can now set an autostart feature for individual antlets. That way, they will get started automatically every time your antsle starts up. 

  • SSH port mapping

    You can now ssh into your antlets directly from your PC, Mac or Linux workstation, without having to ssh into antsle first. Use e.g. “ssh -p 22017 [email protected]” to ssh directly into antlet 17.

  • Secure FTP (SFTP) access from FileZilla
  • Access your antsle, or individual antlets, from clients like FileZilla. Use these credentials in FileZilla’s QuickConnect: Host: sftp://myantsle.local Username: root Password: [the password of your antlet, mostly antsle as default] Port: 22 (for antsle itself), 22018 for antlet 18, ...

  • Auto-clear known_hosts
  • We’re cleaning up the known_hosts entry for you (on the antsle) when you delete an antlet. That way, you can create a new antlet reusing the same IP address without getting annoying ssh error messages. 

  • Edit antlet properties
  • Created an antlet and want to change the RAM assignment later? Or the autostart flag? No problem! Just click on the antlet name and edit its properties. 

  • Shutdown or restart your antsle
  • From the new settings menu in the top right corner, you can now shutdown or restart your antsle right from the antman GUI. 

  • See a templates ancestry
  • When you hover over a template in the "Manage Templates" window, you now see the information on when it was created and from what snapshot, if any. 

  • Force quit
  • Have a stray antlet that won't respond or shutdown? You can now force quit it. 

  • Small improvements
  • Improved error messages, bug fixes.

2. Installation Instructions

1. Login to your antsle via ssh: ssh [email protected]

2. Download the upgrade script using this command: wget -N

3. Make the script executable: chmod a+x amanupd-0.5.0

4. Run the update script: ./amanupd-0.5.0

5. Point your browser to http://myantsle.local and hit the browser's reload button. Enjoy using the new antman!

6. Here's what it looks like:​

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