New Update: antman 0.4.1

antman 0.4.1 is a minor release update containing mainly bugfixes and a few smaller new features.

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1. What's New?

  • Rollback Snapshots

    You can now rollback your antlets to a specific snapshot.

  • Help Texts
  • You will see little question mark symbols (?) in several places all over antman. Hovering over them will give a short explanation about the specific feature you’re about to use

  • Show "Effective Size" and "Used on Disk"

    antsleOS is crazy efficient in using your disk space. We use references to things already there instead of copying things. Also, everything is automatically compressed using the ultra-efficient LZ4 algorithm. With antman 0.4.1, you will now see both sizes (effective and used-on-disk) with your antlets, templates and snapshots. That way, you can see that e.g. snapshots virtually don’t use any space initially. Just compare that to Amazon EC2!

  • Updated Look
  • We adjusted the color scheme and made things more consistent, resulting in an improved experience. 

  • antsleOS upgrade included
  • We’re upgrading antsleOS to automatically respawn our “antlets” system server to access your antlets locally. This improves the overall robustness of antsle.

2. Installation Instructions

1. Login to your antsle via ssh: ssh [email protected]

2. Download the upgrade script using this command: wget -N

3. Make the script executable: chmod a+x amanupd-0.4.1

4. Run the update script: ./amanupd-0.4.1

5. Point your browser to http://myantsle.local and hit the browser's reload button. Enjoy using the new antman!

6. Here's what it looks like:​

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